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Assured Income

Subject: Market Update: A Message of Encouragement During Uncertain Times

How much is your peace of mind worth? It might be the most important thing to ask that question. There are many different expenses in life especially as one starts to plan their retirement.

Many clients find it comforting to have a guaranteed lifetime income stream to add to their existing social security benefit, pension or other retirement accounts. I think of it as layering income from different sources. All added together –they create a cash flow into the client’s account for use on daily living and fixed expenses.

Life is by its nature unpredictable – and having a guaranteed predictable revenue stream helps. Many expenses for clients are fixed. When creating a plan for my clients, I start with their expenses. Together with you I can organize a plan that includes a guaranteed lifetime income that fits your objectives. This gives you a predictable income stream that will continue for the rest of your life if you need it. This amount is assured to you. It will never go down and can only go up.

The guaranteed lifetime income is insured by an insurance company. You can rely on them to make the payments in any way that is the most beneficial for you. These payments can be monthly, quarterly or pushed out to a time when it is most advantageous for you. The payments can be started and then stopped at any time. The unused amount or gain can be passed on to your beneficiaries.

Many clients find this a useful tool in their investment portfolio to One: Take some risk out of their portfolio and add some insurance. Two: To help actually plan for how they would meet their expenses when they retire and continue to meet their expenses so they can stay retired. Three: Knowing that ,no matter what, that either they, or their family will get no less than the money they put into the investment. This investment principal is insured by the insurance company. #Financial Advisor near me

There are many different options available and many different insurance companies who can either insure your initial investment and or insure you and your family a constant income stream.

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