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No Time To Manage Your Investments

Dear Mr.  Client,

Who has time, especially in today’s day and age, whether it’s Silicon Valley or a farm in Iowa. Time is just the most precious commodity. I can take my 30 years of experience and help you develop a plan for your assets and a strategy for an investment style that is comfortable to you.

Start at the beginning. Starting with expenses and a discussion around where expenses are relative to how much income is coming in. I will help you see what your life style is costing, how much of your assets can be transferred to your family or beneficiaries or how to maintain your current lifestyle with the assets that you already have. I take the extra step to drill down into where your hopes, dreams and aspirations are taking you and how to invest accordingly. This includes your health, your happiness in your daily life and your comfort around preparing for life’s many unforeseen emergencies and how to handle them. Health is wealth and that is my starting point with all of my clients. Whether it is a $100,000 or a $100 Million. You want to travel, visit family or find and explore your passion. Not follow the probability distribution of the vagaries of the Stock Market. You want to focus on your job or your family, not rotate asset allocation.

Please click below and find out all your options on how I can customize a portfolio just for you and your situation. A plan that I can work for you and yes it will change as you change and grow into your next phase of your journey. Please reach out to me via email/phone or meet me at my Palo Alto office.

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