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The Attitude of Gratitude

November 30, 2023


The Attitude of Gratitude


As we are headed into the Holiday season and honoring our Veterans the word “grateful” comes up a lot.  The University of California has concluded what religious traditions have known for thousands of years that gratitude is good for our health.

“Research suggests that gratitude inspires people to be more generous, kind, and helpful or “prosocial”. It strengthens relationships, including romantic relationships; and may improve the climate in workplaces. Several studies have supported the link between gratitude and prosocial behavior.” *Greater Good Science Center “The Science of Gratitude”

The single biggest mistake investors make is that they are waiting to retire to start to live.  If you look back at financial magazine articles most of them discuss retirement as the best solution to financial freedom.  I think that retirement is not a solution in and of itself.  When will you be able to stop working and know that you will not run out of money?  For far too many they are doing a job they hate until they feel they have “enough” money.  You only guess basically how much is enough.

What you need to focus on is the now, flip that concept and ask the question. How do you become financially independent now? Work when you want to work or assure an income if something happens to an income earner in the household.   Most clients understand that.  

 Why can’t the retirement question be answered so easily?  The reason is because the question of retirement never goes away as you don’t want to run out of money either.  How much money is enough? We ask this question a lot. Asking this question is nothing less than risk mitigation, in my opinion.  That is why the question in itself “How much money is enough?” is the wrong question. The right question is - How do you become financially independent? There is never enough money to mitigate every risk since the risks to life are infinite.  You cannot go out of your house without taking a risk! However, becoming financially independent will flow with the ups and downs with the risks taken geopolitically and in the economy.

One needs a certain income to ensure food, shelter, and care for their family.  Most clients understand this. No one wants to run out of money, and no one wants to retire and have to come out of retirement to get more money. 

Most clients are grateful for what they have and keep working on being grateful or more grateful or more mindful to enjoy each day that they are given.  My job is to remind you that it is not one day – this is day one. Every day is a new beginning.

Having said that, I am able to help you how to become financially independent.  If you have investable assets, I am confident that I will be able to guide you on the road to reach the destination of financial independence. Contact me by phone or via email through my website and schedule with me a 30-minute FREE initial consultation to learn about your options. I have helped hundreds of clients and I manage millions of dollars. I will help you too to create the best investment decisions you can make.