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The Real Challenge That You Are Missing to A Healthy Portfolio

November 15, 2023


The Real Challenge That You Are Missing to A Healthy Portfolio

The Real Challenge to a healthy portfolio is our own behavior. We know what the right thing is, but we become uncomfortable. In this inconvenience, we forget our goals and seek shelter from the discomfort - reverting back to our old behavior.

There is no growth in going backward!

Far too often we give up on a well-made plan. How many of us start a workout on January 1st, or a diet, or promise to ourselves to speak with our kids about money? Sitting down and talking with our spouse about what if I go first. What are we going to do when we sell the house or get the bonus? Through the course of our old behaviors, we push it off until tomorrow.

What you need to do is get rid of the bad old habits and obtain a coach, a trainer, and an advisor, to be there for you pointing out your goals and keeping you on track. Whether it is a life event or a business event that changes your financial fortunes, you need a healthy plan. A plan that is monitored and adjusted for you as you grow. I just met with a family who will be receiving a substantial amount of money through their work which will double their net worth in an instant.  Discipline and a Financial Advisor familiar with markets like the current ones, versed in individual bonds and individual stocks can be critical to helping ensure confidence in your plan.

Don’t miss out on what my clients already feel. They are assured of knowing that help is only a phone call away. I give them a truthful and straightforward assessment of the risks of the world we live in and the best way how to navigate them. Honest conversations with all family members are taken into consideration. You and your loved ones deserve a fierce defender of your time so that you can be free to spend your time pursuing what you enjoy. Having a constructed, healthy financial plan can give you confidence and be one of the key aspects of a well-lived life.

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