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David Maigret

David Maigret

CEO Senior Portfolio Manager

David's passion for his métier - overseeing how families attain and maintain financial security -- stems from childhood adversity. David's father, a WW2 veteran working in military intelligence for the Air Force, eventually became overwhelmed trying to support his six children and his wife, a stay-at-home mom. Born in Novato at Hamilton Air Force Base, David watched his father working 12 to 14 hour days and still not earning enough to maintain the family. David always thought that lack of money lay behind his parents' divorce. In retrospect he realized that things would have been quite different had there been someone to help guide his family through their financial pitfalls. This experience became the prime motivation for his choice of career: to spare families the toll that lack of knowledge about finances can take on a household, and to help them manage their money productively.

The only one in his family to graduate from college, David matriculated from the University of San Diego, where, in addition to his studies he performed as an offensive linemen. Tough and disciplined, he still gets up at 4:00 am every day. Married for 15 years to his wife, Erika (born in Hungary), David has two children: a girl of 13 and a boy of nine. Both kids already exhibit their father's iron discipline when it comes to sports and education.

David is an experienced professional, a steady hand with over 30 years of helping families manage their money. Clients include successful Silicon Valley venture capitalists, Olympic gold medalists, economic advisors to the governor's office, professors and university administrators, military veterans, doctors, dentists, and executives in tech and biotech. His client relationships stretch over decades, not years. Loyalty is his watchword. When reviewing portfolios, David calls himself a "mean reversionist" and a student of history. He asserts that everything repeats itself. Whether it's learning from his own or others' mistakes or investing in a restaurant in Paris, he is quick to profit from the lessons learned.

His motto: "Trust is Earned."